Sika Stag Hunting (Scotland)

Sika Stag Hunting  / Stalking

Scotsport offer Sika stag stalking over more than 10.000 hectares of superb hunting territory in both South and North of Scotland.

The terrain is mainly hilly forestry plantations with open glades, grassland and some moorland.

More than 40 stags are shot each year with an average expectation of 1-3 stags per hunter during 3-4 days hunting 1:1 or 2:1. Mostly average nice 6-8 pointer stags are shot, although the odd medal head may be taken at the discretion of the stalker in charge.

Best time for sika stalking in Scotland: from late September to 20 October
Open hunting season in Scotland: 1 July – 20 October

1–4 hunters per party (1:1 or 2:1)


Our video are shot exclusively on Scotsport’s hunting locations

Sika Stag (Scotland) hunting gallery

Scotsport’s Sika Stag (Scotland) hunting locations