Roe Buck Hunting

Roe Buck Hunting / Stalking

Scotsport offers a wide range of roe buck hunting on some of the finest estates in the Northeast of Scotland (Aberdeenshire & Angus).

More than 300 bucks are shot each year by our clients, with an expectation of 3–5 bucks per hunter per 3-4 days hunting 1:1, or 1 roe buck per day (hunting during morning and evenings).
Our estates and forests, extends to over 100,000 hectares of prime roe deer hunting territory, much of which is exclusive to Scotsport.
We offer a variety of stalking opportunities, ranging from low ground stalking with a chance of medal trophy heads, to the more challenging hill stalking/hunting for mountain roe bucks.
Scotsport offers the hunter a choice of either FIXED PRICE packages to include trophy fees, or PRICE LIST packages where the trophy fees are charged according to the price list.

Best time for roe buck hunting in Scotland: from late April to early August
Open stalking season in Scotland: 1 April – 20 October
1–5 hunters per week


Our video are shot exclusively on Scotsport’s hunting locations

Roe Buck gallery

Scotsport’s roe buck hunting locations