Red Stag Hunting

Red Stag Hunting / Stalking

Scotsport offers a wide range of Red Stag stalking on some of the finest estates and forests extending to over 200,000 hectares of superb hunting territory, much of which is exclusive to Scotsport

The terrain varies from solitary highland moorlands and glens in the northeast, to steep, rugged hillside on the west coast and northern highlands with spectacular scenery over lochs and rivers.

More than 150 stags are shot each year by Scotsport clients and with an average expectation of 2-3 stags per hunter / week.  Mostly average cull heads are shot, although some good trophy heads may be taken at the discretion of the stalker in charge.

We offer excellent stag hunting for up to 6 hunters (2:1) at a time, or up to 3 individuals can hunt with their own stalker/guide (1:1), with and average expectation of 1 stag per hunter/day.

Best time for stalking in Scotland:  from middle of September to 20 October
Open stalking season in Scotland: 1 July – 20 October

1–6 hunters per group (1:1 or 2:1)
1-3 stags per hunter/week


Our video are shot exclusively on Scotsport’s hunting locations

Red Stag Gallery

Scotsport’s Red Stag hunting locations