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Sika Stag/Wild Goat Hunting

Sika Stalking in Ireland

Thrilling hunting experiences awaits you on the ”green” island. County Kerry which is situated in the southwest of Ireland is well known for its huge population of Sika Deer. Each season more than 120 Sika Stags are shot, of which the odd stag may be of medal class standard.

County Kerry offers unique scenery with a pristine landscape of mountains, valleys, moors and woodlands. Hunting takes place in both the highlands and the wooded areas on the low-ground. Best time for Sika Stag stalking is during the rut from mid September to late October.

It may also be possible to combine the Sika Stag stalking with hunting the mountain Wild Goat.

The hunter will usually get a good opportunity to shoot on average 2-3 sika stags during 3-4 days hunting. However, from November and onwards we will recommend a minimum of 4 days hunting in order to get the expected number of stags.

Best time for Sika Stag & Wild Goat stalking in Ireland:
mid September to late October
Open stalking season for Sika Stag: 1 September to 31 December
Open stalking season for Sika Hinds: 1 November to 28 February

1-8 hunters per group (1:1 or 2:1)