Scotsport UK


Scotsport has extended distinguished traditions in Game Shooting and Deer Stalking throughout Scotland and the UK for almost three decades.

Scotsport is a team of high level professionally trained and experienced hunters and certified stalkers. Their qualifications together with long experience both at home and abroad, provide security and enjoyment during the adventurous challenge a hunt can offer. Their attention to planning and detail consider each guest a valuable visitor to the area who wish to explore the hunting opportunities as well as the natural landscape and stunning scenery of the many well selected locations.

Scotsport’s expertise provides hunting on many of the finest sporting Estates and woodlands in Scotland, England and Ireland. The offices at Learney House set in the heart of magnificent Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire, are in regular and close cooperation with the many landowners and Estates of which sustainable contracts have been formed over the years.

Scotsport prevail in searching for sport at its best, and can offer Game Shooting and Deer Stalking on more than 200,000 hectares of superb hunting estates. Hunting grounds have been thoroughly tested over the years. They are closely monitored on a regular basis to ensure the quality of hunting on offer is of the highest standard.

The Scotsport team look forward to connect with you and will do its utmost to secure an incredible hunting adventure during your visit.

For further information and price list, please fill in the enquiry form, providing your special interests and requirements.

We at Scotsport look forward to welcome you to new great hunting experiences!